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Smoking Cessation Aids

TIMELESS Smoking Cessation Aromatherapy Inhalers can help you quit smoking.  The essential oils are safe, non-habit forming and help curb cravings.  A smart, natural way to support your smoking cessation plan.  Simple to use. Remove inhaler cover and hold inhaler 3 - 4 inches from the nose, inhale deeply of the aroma, replace cap tightly to conserve the essential oils.  Inhaler can be easily refilled by removing the end cap, applying 8 - 10 drops of refill essential oil and replacing the cap securely.

Choose from 3 popular Inhaler options to help you quit smoking, all made with Certified Organic Black Pepper essential oil :  Black Pepper,  Calming Black Pepper and Energizing Black Pepper.  Refills available.

Caution :  Undiluted Black Pepper essential oil can irritate the skin.  Avoid getting essential oils in the eyes.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use.  Keep essential oils and inhalers out of the reach of children and pets.