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Smoking Cessation Aids

TIMELESS Smoking Cessation Aromatherapy Inhalers can help you quit smoking.  The essential oils are safe, non-habit forming and help curb cravings.  A smart, natural way to support your smoking cessation plan.  Simple to use. Remove inhaler cover and hold inhaler 3 - 4 inches from the nose, inhale deeply of the aroma, replace cap tightly to conserve the essential oils.  Inhaler can be easily refilled by removing the end cap, applying 8 - 10 drops of refill essential oil and replacing the cap securely.

Choose from 3 popular Inhaler options to help you quit smoking, all made with Certified Organic Black Pepper essential oil :  Black Pepper,  Calming Black Pepper and Energizing Black Pepper.  Refills and kits available.

Caution :  Black Pepper essential oil can irritate the skin.  Avoid getting essential oils in the eyes.  Keep essential oils and inhalers out of the reach of children and pets.