"Authentic Aromatherapy"
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Aromatherapy Diffusers and Inhalers

Essential Oil Diffusers help to increase the dispersion rate of essential oils into the ambient air. TIMELESS offers diffusers in four categories to suit your needs and your budget.

ELECTRONIC DIFFUSERS use electricity to run small fans inside the units to create a fragrant breeze. Avoiding heat helps the essential oils to retain their therapeutic qualities.

ULTRASONIC DIFFUSERS are state-of-the-art aromatherapy diffusers used by professionals and in commercial settings. They are great for home use as well. These diffusers use Ultrasound frequencies to atomize water infused with essential oils, creating a fragrant, therapeutic mist. Our Heavenly Scent Ultrasonic Ionizing Aromatherapy Diffuser also generates millions of negative ions, making it the ultimate room air purifier. Attractive refillable aluminum aromatherapy inhalers are a convenient way to keep your favorite essential oils in your pocket, purse or desk.

Attractive, refillable AROMATHERAPY INHALERS are a convenient way to carry your favorite essential oils in your purse, pocket or desk.