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TIMELESS Essential Oils

Heavenly Scent Ultrasonic Ionizing Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Heavenly Scent Ultrasonic Ionizing Aromatherapy Diffuser is a state-of-the-art room air purification system.  Combining the technologies of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusion and negative ion generation makes this unit truly unique.  It is compact, quiet and safe.  Learn more about the power of negative ions below. 


 An ionizer is an electronic device that uses a computer chip to generate large numbers of negative ions and release them into the ambient air.  Due to their chemical nature, negative ions seek out and adhere to positively charged particles in the air.  Positively charged particles can include dust, mold, bacteria, smoke, animal dander, chemical fumes, pollen, and other allergens.  Once the oppositely charged particles are joined, their combined weight is too heavy for them to remain in the air.  They fall to the floor, where they can be easily swept or vacuumed away. 

Features in nature such as waterfalls and waves give evidence to the powerful cleansing ability of negative ions.  The clean air near a waterfall, river or ocean is refreshing and revitalizing.   It has been estimated that the air near an average waterfall contains approximately 50,000 negative ions/cc,  the air on a seashore has about 5,000 negative ions/cc and a city park has roughly 400 - 600 negative ions/cc.  The Heavenly Scent Ionizing Diffuser has been shown to produce clean air with more than 200,000 negative ions/cc, when used on the continuous setting.

Pure essential oils may be added to the water in the ionizer  tank. High frequency ultrasonic vibrations break the essential oil molecules into very tiny micro particles which are released into the air with a built in fan.  Certain essential oils very effectively eliminate many pathogens and allergens.  The combined purifying activities of essential oils and negative ions make the Heavenly Scent Ultrasonic Ionizing Aromatherapy Diffuser the ultimate room air purifier for a healthy home or office.


  • Having cleaner,  healthier air in your home or office reduces irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.  You may experience fewer or less severe respiratory conditions, including colds, flu, asthma and allergy symptoms such as hay fever.
  • By neutralizing many unpleasant household and workplace odors and airborne pollutants, and replacing them with refreshing therapeutic aromas, Heavenly Scent Ionizing Diffuser creates a more pleasing and healthful atmosphere.
  • When using select therapeutic grade essential oils to address underlying emotional or neurological imbalance, the Ionizing Diffuser can help alleviate many symptoms such as depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder,  dizziness, migraines, nausea, chronic fatigue and insomnia. 
  • Many individuals living with autism and  emotional disorders see dramatic improvement with behavioral and emotional management with cleaner air and a fresh, aromatic atmosphere.



Dimensions  4.9 in x 3 in x 6.5 in

Ultrasonic frequency  2.55 MHz

Water tank capacity  200 cc, or about 6.5 oz (Tap water only, No distilled water)

Runs 3 - 4 hours on continuous setting, or 6 - 8 hours on intermittent setting

Automatic shut off when water volume is less than 20 cc


Essential oils sold separately.