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Natural Perfume Oils & Attars

Natural Perfume Oils & Attars - artisan treasures from around the world

The TIMELESS collection of Natural Perfume Oils & Attars brings you all natural, plant based fragrances from around the globe to delight your senses and enhance your unique personal chemistry.  Many of our perfumes and attars are created using centuries old methods by artisans who are devoted to their craft.  Find your signature fragrance, or create your own fragrance blend. 

Attars (sometimes spelled Ittars) are all natural, plant based fragrances similar to essential oils. The fragrances are intense, so a little goes a long way. They may be used to scent natural lotion or body oil, or for making incense or natural perfumes.

TIMELESS is a cruelty-free company.  No animal products are used.  No animal testing has ever or will ever be done.