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TIMELESS Essential Oils

Wool Dryer Balls

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Pure Sheep's Wool Dryer Balls - Eco-friendly fabric softener

     ~ Extra Large size, over 2-1/2 inch diameter

     ~ Chemical-free fabric softener, ideal for sensitive skin

     ~ Eliminates the need for liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets

     ~ Reduces static cling

     ~ Reduces drying time up to 25%

     ~ Each ball can be used over 1000 times !

     ~ Safe for people who are sensitive to wool clothing

     ~ Environmentally friendly :  Safe for you, Safe for the Planet

How to use :  For use in a tumbling dryer.  Toss in 2 wool dryer balls for a small laundry load, or up to 6 balls for a large load to soften textiles and reduce static cling.  Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on a dryer ball before use to give a light scent to your clean laundry.

     Handcrafted in Minnesota from pure sheep's wool.