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TIMELESS Essential Oils

Ruh Gulab Attar

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Ruh Gulab Attar -- Elegant natural perfume oil, alcohol free, 100% plant based

Ruh means "spirit" or "essence", and Gulab is "rose" in the Urdu language. This deep, alluring fragrance captures the essence of the revered Damascus Rose.  Its rich base note and delicious light rosy top note makes it a favorite year-round fragrance.  Handcrafted from premium rose petals by skilled family artisans in India.

Fragrant influences :  Ruh Gulab is connected to the heart.  The use of rose oil is believed to help evolve physical love into spiritual love.  Its fragrance helps reduce anxiety, allowing us to move forward with more confidence and joy.


Attars (sometimes spelled Ittars) are all natural, plant based fragrances similar to essential oils. The fragrances are intense, so a little goes a long way. They may be used to scent natural lotion or body oil, or for making incense or natural perfumes.


TIMELESS is a cruelty-free company.  No animal testing has been or ever will be done.

TIMELESS Essential Oils is a woman-owned small business in Minnesota.  10% of profits are donated to global women's and children's charities.