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Marula Seed OIl, Virgin, Organic


TIMELESS Premium Marula Seed Oil, Unrefined, Organically Grown

Product Details

Botanical name

Sclerocarya birrea

Extraction method / Source

Cold pressed / seeds. Cold pressing produces a fine, highly nutritious oil.

Key constituents

High levels of omega-3 oleic acids and natural antioxidants.

Plant description

Botanical family: Anacardiaceae

Regions of Production


Growing Practices

Organically farmed. Fruits are tested after harvest for purity.

History / Fun Facts

Marula Seed oil is used in cooking in many African cultures. In some areas it is used as a preservative for meat, allowing it to be stored for up to a year without refrigeration.



Non-greasy, transparent pale yellow to pink colored oil with a bland to slightly nutty odor. Any cloudiness seen in the oil indicates solidified fats - gently heat in a warm water bath to liquify.


For mature skin care, Marula Seed oil is used in anti-aging formulas to fight free-radical damage to the skin, nourish, moisturize and improve skin elasticity. It does not clog pores, so is a good moisturizing choice for individuals with acne. Used in shampoos and conditioners to help correct brittle and damaged hair. Applied topically, the oil has been used to stimulate the lymph system, and support lymphatic drainage.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Refrigeration prolongs the freshness of all natural oils. At lower temperatures, Marula Seed Oil will begin to solidify, making it appear cloudy, or with bits of floating solidified fats. If this occurs, gently heat the oil in a warm water bath to liquify. Never microwave natural oils.



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