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Infinite Mind

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Infinite Mind is filled with fascinating information drawn from ancient spiritual traditions and cutting-edge sciences of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and psychology, among other fields. Together these two wisdom streams fashion for us a road map for how to live well.  This book will whet your curiosity and inspire in you a sense of wonder to help you arrive at your own understandings of how to access the collective consciousness and live a meaningful, joyous and healthy life.


"We were never supposed to be imprisoned in the "ordinary", the daily tedium that limits us to our five senses. We are no ordinary! We are part of an amazing and greater whole, which links us to infinite intelligence and power. However, as pointed out by scholar and teacher, Nuri Hassumani, Ph.D., we let our fears take over. Rather than embrace the available wisdom, we filter it out. And so, we remain small.

Weaving together stories of extra-special events and the science of the miraculous, Nuri reveals our true potential. The seemingly supernatural abilities like healing, telepathy, remote viewing, manifesting, and interactive dreaming are inherent to all of us, because we are part of the conscious universe. By accessing this skein of brilliance, we can join the quest for the exceptional. Every sentence of Nuri's book left me breathless and ready for more, committed to rising above the mundane to dance among the stars." -- Cyndi Dale, author of 27 best-selling books about energy medicine and healing

About The Author: 

Nuri Hassumani, PhD was president of Anoka Technical College (1984-89) and taught at the University of St Thomas (1993-2008). The research and writing of his book Infinite Mind took over a decade. His near death experience at age 14 started him on this path of discovery. He offers small group book discussion events in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. (For booking, see his website In his free time, Nuri enjoys playing tennis, bicycling and communing with nature near his home in Minnesota.