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CD - Uplifting Guided Relaxation

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Uplifting Guided Relaxation by Beth Freschi, M.A., Life and Relaxation Coach

For those times when you need to recharge, guided relaxation can be a useful tool to help rejuvenate your mind and body. As you listen to "Uplifting Guided Relaxation", Beth Freschi's calming voice will guide you through four relaxation techniques to calm and uplift your mind, body and spirit:

The Cleansing Breath
The Cleansing Breath is a breathing exercise that is both relaxing and refreshing. As you breathe in through your nose, imagine clean, fresh air filling your body. Each time you exhale, imagine the air washing away the stress of the day. You can use your breath to cleanse and refresh you whenever you need to re-energize.

Rejuvenating Muscle Relaxation
This exercise features a grounding cord that helps you feel centered and supported and an orb (ball) of healing light that you imagine moving through your body to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Guided Imagery: The Orange Grove
This guided imagery is full of positive, uplifting images and affirming phrases that encourage you to trust in yourself and listen to what rings true in your mind and in your heart. The setting is a beautiful orange grove, where dreams and possibilities inspire and delight you.

Meditation on Loving Kindness
TPracticing loving kindness meditations will help you open your heart and feel more kind and loving towards yourself and others. This version of the loving kindness meditation invites you to recognize the goodness within yourself and others. When we are stressed, we tend to focus on shortcomings, but it is important to also acknowledge the good things we do. During this meditation, you are invited to imagine that goodness as a beautiful stream of light pouring out of your heart and surrounding people in loving kindness.

Throughout the recording, allow the pleasant images, feelings and sensations Beth’s soothing voice describes to relax your mind and body. “Uplifting Guided Relaxation” will take you on a calming journey that will leave you energized and ready to approach your life with increased vitality.

This recording is intended to help you achieve deep relaxation, please DO NOT listen to it while driving..