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TIMELESS Essential Oils

Aroma Kitchen

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Aroma Kitchen is an exciting new aromatherapy book by Sabine Honig and Ursula Kutschera.  Recipes and inspirations for using pure essential oils in cooking.  Hardcover.  Published in 2014.  152 pages. 

"The human tongue and palate know only five tastes; our nose complements this rather limited sense. Much of what we think we taste is actually derived from our sense of smell! Because the nose and mouth are connected, taste and smell work hand-in-hand to complete our eating experiences; incorporating scent, in the form of essential oils, is a logical way to optimize our meals without adding additional chemicals and fillers to our food."

"The recipes in this book focus on using fresh, local (if possible) ingredients and scented essential oils to nourish your loved ones in a healthy and varied way."

Sabine Honig is a licensed aromatherapist, corporate counselor and trainer. Her love of fresh foods and cooking stems from her parents' garden and family meals as a child in Frankfurt, Germany. She now works and lives with her family in Graz, Austria.

Ursula Kutschera Is a licensed herbalist and aromatherapist offering holistic counseling and bodywork. She also presents workshops and conferences on the use of essential oils and natural cooking. She lives with her family in Graz, Austria.