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TIMELESS Essential Oils

Advanced Aromatherapy

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Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy, by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D. In this groundbreaking book, author Kurt Schnaubelt draws on broad-based research to demonstrate how essential oils interact with different systems of the body and how they affect emotional states as well as physical ones.

"While its concepts can be grasped intuitively, few people realize that scientific proof does, in fact, exist for many of the uses of aromatherapy. For the first time, Kurt Schnaubelt, a chemist and pioneer of the science of aromatherapy, provides a scientific basis for the efficacy of essential oils, explained clearly and logically."

"Students of aromatherapy wishing to take their practice to the next level will find that much of the guesswork used in developing formulas is no longer necessary. Professional aromatherapists will find that Advanced Aromatherapy turns the art of healing with essential oils into good medicine for the next century."

Author Kurt Schnaubelt holds a Doctorate in Chemistry, and is the founder and Scientific Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in California.