TIMELESS Botanical Perfumes

TIMELESS Botanical Perfume Roll-ons are elegant handcrafted fragrances created from 100% plant-based attars, perfume oils and essential oils in a light organic base oil.  Alcohol free.  TIMELESS is a cruelty-free company.

Amber & Musks Roll-on Collection 

Amber Hina -  This sweet, intensely grounding scent helps reduce stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Amber Musk - Sweet, rich, slightly woody scent with earthy undertones.

Amber Oudh -  A warm, sweet, musky, woody aroma, which evokes softness and beauty.

Black Musk - A rich, exotic scent that enhances your unique body chemistry. Worn by both men and women.

Egyptian Musk - A light, clean scent that enhances your unique body chemistry, and creates a slightly different fragrance on each person who wears it.  It is a popular fragrance for both men and women. 

Evening Musk - A deep, seductive fragrance.  Its balanced scent makes it popular for both men and women.

Golden Amber - Light, sweet and alluring.

Green Musk -  A light, fresh musky fragrance.  Clean and uplifting, it is light enough to wear every day.  A favorite of both men and women.

Habshoosh Musk - This very grounding, woody, musky scent is a favorite for men.

Himalayan Musk - Deep, heady musky fragrance.

Neo Egyptian Musk - A soft, modern twist on a popular classic fragrance. Its light, clean scent enhances your unique body chemistry, and creates a slightly different fragrance on each person who wears it. Worn by both men and women. 

Rose Amber - Rich, earthy seductive floral fragrance.

Rose Musk - Sweet, musky seductive floral scent.

Tunisian Amber -  Rich and balanced, yet captivating.  Amber is considered the masculine counterpart of Rose, and is worn by both men and women.

Udaipur Black Musk -  Earthy, rich and exotic.

Udaipur Egyptian Musk - Light, clean, alluring.

Vanilla Musk - Intoxicating, sweet, earthy.  A natural aphrodisiac.

White Amber - Soft and refreshing.  This is the lightest of the amber scents.


Florals Roll-on Collection

Asian Lilac - Light and sweet, Asian Lilac is an intoxicating Springtime favorite. Its familiar floral scent evokes the freshness of a Spring breeze.

Balkan Rose - Sweet and seductive, with a rich floral fragrance complemented by the complex woody tones of Sandalwood. 

Black Rose -  A deep exotic floral fragrance that is rich, sensual and alluring.

Blue Lotus - Intense and sweet, the fragrance of this water flower exudes depth and mystery.

Champa Flower - A classic lovers' fragrance, exotic Champa Flower is a natural aphrodisiac.

Egyptian Shalimar - A complex, alluring floral scent which is an invitation for romance. 

Frangipani (Plumeria) - An alluring sweet, citrusy floral scent that is uplifting, and lightens the energy field around you.

Gardenia - A rich floral fragrance that resembles White Rose.  It is refreshing, sweet and sensual, remindful of a Southern garden in Springtime. 

Golden Flower - Deep, alluring floral fragrance with a mild spicy note.

Honeysuckle - Sweet, light and joyful. A classic Summer floral fragrance.  

Indian Shalimar - This seductive floral fragrance is a classic blend of fresh flower essences.

Jaipuri Jasmine - This sweet, alluring floral fragrance is uplifting and romantic. 

Jannat al Firdaus - Joyful and sweet, Jannat al Firdaus is light enough for every day use, and elegant enough for special occasions.

Katchi Kali - Fresh and uplifting, this bright floral scent is a favorite for every day use.

Lime Blossom (Linden) - Rich and sweet floral.  Promotes relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Nag Champa - Bright and fruity floral.

Neroli (Orange Blossom) - Powerful, light, uplifting.  In aromatherapy, Neroli is used to improve mood and decrease anxiety.

Nine Flower - An exotic oriental floral perfume with a sensual, musky base note

Mogra (Indian Jasmine) - This classic perfume is sweet and seductive.

Motia (Pikake) - Also in the Jasmine family, Motia has an exotic, sweet fragrance which invites romance.

Persian Lilac - A  light, sweet, refreshing floral scent. 

Sandal Rose - Deeply grounding and seductive, this earthy floral scent is said to help evolve physical love into spiritual Love

Sweet Jasmine - Fresh, uplifting, sensual.

Tea Rose -  A sweet, light rose fragrance. 

Tuberose - Fresh, sweet, grounding and alluring.  Handcrafted from wild tuberose blossoms from the South of India.

Tunisian Jasmine - A sweet, seductive, complex fragrance.  A natural aphrodisiac, it arouses passion, and promotes sensual awareness and expression.

Wild Rose - Sweet and seductive, Rose is a natural aphrodisiac.  The fragrance of the Wild Rose is softer than other Rose attars, and suggests a bit of mystery.


Herbs & Grasses & Spices Roll-on Collection

Gift of the Garden - This fresh spicy herbal blend is energizing and promotes focus.

Gingergrass - Bright, spicy, sweet scent.  Playful and uplifting.

Green Goddess - Playful and alluring.  A combination of complex sweet floral and musk scents, Green Goddess exudes a clean exotic freshness. 

Indian Patchouli - Deep, sweet, earthy, woody.  Its exotic fragrance is both centering and seductive.

Kasturi Hina - A unique floral fragrance which is sharp, spicy and earthy.

Khus (Vetiver) -  Heavy, smoky, earthy, balsamic with sweet undertones.  Deeply grounding and calming.

Lemongrass - Fresh citrusy fragrance.  Soft and energizing, this scent is a fun starter scent for young girls.

Lemon Verbena - A complex, herbal lemony perfume, made popular by the movie Gone With The Wind.

Patchouli - Earthy, sweet and sensual.  Patchouli is considered a natural aphrodisiac.

Tunisian Patchouli - A complex, earthy, spicy fragrance.  Worn by both men and women, it is grounding and sensual. 


Woods & Resins Roll-on Collection

Arabian Sandalwood - A complex, alluring fragrance that is earthy, sweet and grounding. A popular scent worn extensively by both men and women. 

Arabian Wood - Subtle, but deep woody aroma.  A grounding fragrance which is a favorite for men.

Cedarwood - Fresh, green woodsy fragrance.

Frankincense - A rich, spicy resinous scent that is peaceful and grounding.

Golden Sandalwood - The lightest of the Sandalwood fragrances.  Its soft, woody scent is grounding and relaxing.  Used by both men and women.  

Indian Sandalwood - Earthy and sensual.  A deeply centering perfume.

Mount Everest - Deeply grounding, exotic woody fragrance.

Mount McKinley - Fresh evergreen base with light floral notes.

Myrrh - Warm and spicy with a sharp balsamic top note. Myrrh is often used in meditation to promote spiritual awareness.

Peru Balsam - Tenacious, sweet, earthy, slightly smokey fragrance.

Premium Sandalwood - Deep, earthy and sensual, worn extensively by both men and women.

Rosewood - A fresh floral, woody scent that is peaceful and uplifting.

For a little over a year, we enjoyed having TIMELESS Aromatics, a small retail shop in South St Paul, Minnesota.  It was fun to meet many of our local customers !  Current events have made it difficult for many small businesses to keep doors open, and we made the decision to close the shop.  Thank you to all who shopped at TIMELESS Aromatics.  We look forward to continuing to serve you online.