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TIMELESS Essential Oils

Peru Balsam Resin

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Pure Peru Balsam Liquid Resin, also known as Balsam of Peru

Botanical name :  Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae

Aroma :  Deep, tenacious, sweet, earthy

Note :   Base    Odor Intensity :       

Plant description :  Botanical family :  Fabaceae      

The tree is native to tropical forests from Southern Mexico through the Amazon regions of Peru and Brazil.  It is large and slow growing, reaching 150 feet in height.  It produces dense, dark green leaves and white flowers which develop into stiff brown seed pods.  The tree trunk is yellow and intensely aromatic.

Growing Practices :   Trees indigenous to the area grow in the wild, away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  The resin is obtained by using rags to soak it up after strips of bark have been removed from the trunk of the tree.  The rags are then boiled and the balsam sinks in the water.

Properties :  Antiseptic, coagulant, promotes wound healing

Characteristics :  A thick, sticky, aromatic dark-brown fluid


Region of Production :  El Salvador


Safety :  May cause skin sensitivity and allergic reactions.  For safety, do a patch test before using.  Do not ingest Peru Balsam.