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Safety Guidelines

TIMELESS General Guidelines for Essential Oil Safety and First Aid

Due to their high concentration, all essential oils should be used with care.  Only use pure, authentic essential oils and always familiarize yourself with each oil's therapeutic properties, uses and safety concerns before using. 

Many pure essential oils are safe for babies and children, but need to be used with care. We do not recommend using essential oils directly on a baby for the first 2 months. Always use essential oils in very low dilutions (0.5 - 2 percent) for babies and young children. Even oils that are safe to use on children should be kept out of their reach, so that they can be applied appropriately.

Keep essential oils away from children and pets.

Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.

Do not take essential oils internally unless under the direction and supervision of a qualified aromatherapist or healthcare professional trained in the safe use of essential oils.

As a general rule, essential oils should be added to natural creams, lotions or vegetable oils before use on the skin.  Always test the oil on a small patch of skin before applying to a large area.  This can be done by applying the oil to a Band-Aid and placing on an inconspicuous area of the skin for 24 hours, and observing for sensitivity.  Note : Some essential oils (primarily citrus) can make the skin more sensitive to the sun and could cause severe burning.

Use low concentrations (generally 0.5 - 2 percent) for young children, during pregnancy, or with the elderly.


If an essential oil is irritating to the skin or causing an allergic reaction, discontinue use. You may apply whole milk or vegetable oil to dilute it, then wash the area with soap and water and rinse with clean water for several minutes.  SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU ARE HAVING A SEVERE REACTION, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING OR SWALLOWING.

If an essential oils gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with whole milk for several minutes, if available.  If milk is not available, you may use vegetable oil. Then flush with clean water for 15 minutes.  If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

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