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Jasmine Ittar (Attar), Tunisian

Jasmine Ittar (Attar), Tunisian


TIMELESS Tunisian Jasmine Ittar* -- Elegant, natural perfume oil, alcohol free, plant based

Jasmin Tunisien Ittar has a sweet, seductive, complex fragrance.  An aphrodisiac, Jasmine arouses passion, while Sandalwood promotes sensual awareness and expression.  It may be used to scent natural lotions or body oils, or in natural perfume making.  Artisan crafted in Tunisia from fresh Jasmine blossoms and Sandalwood.

TIMELESS is a cruelty free company. No animal products are used. No animal testing has been or ever will be done.

* Ittar is also known as Attar.  It is all natural and plant based, similar to essential oils.  The fragrances are very intense, so a little goes a long way.

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