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Safflower, Certified Organic, High Oleic

Safflower, Certified Organic, High Oleic


TIMELESS Pure Certified Organic, High Oleic Safflower Oil

Botanical name :  Carthamus tinctorius

Extraction method / Source :  Cold Pressed / Seeds

Shelf Life :  24 months or more, if stored in an airtight container away from heat and light. Refrigeration will increase the shelf life of all fixed oils.

Key constituents:   Oleic Acid > , Linoleic Acid

Plant description :  Botanical family :  Asteraceae Safflower is an annual flowering plant with a long tap root, which thrives in very dry environments. It grows to 5 feet in height and produces several branches, dark green leaves and many globular flower heads in yellow, orange and red. Each flower head has 15-20 seeds.

Regions of Production :  USA

Growing Practices :   Organically farmed. Plants are tested after harvest for purity.

Characteristics :   Light texture, nearly colorless, very mild flavor, absorbs well into the skin

Properties : Analgesic, cell regenerative, improves circulation, laxative, antipyretic

Uses :  High Oleic Safflower oil is primarily used in food production. It is a great oil for massage, emollient for the skin and promotes healing of damaged skin and underlying tissues. Massaged on the abdomen, it can help decrease menstrual pain. For physical trauma, gently applied safflower oil can decrease pain and help decrease bruising.

Safety :   No safety concerns

History / Fun Facts :   Safflower is among the oldest domesticated crops. In ancient Egypt, the flowers were used to dye textiles. Dried safflower garlands were found in the tomb of King Tutankuman. The flowers are used today as a substitute for saffron as a flavoring and coloring foods.

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