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Aromatherapy inhaler, refillable aluminum


Premium quality, refillable aluminum nasal inhaler for essential oils.  Handy for purse, pocket or desk.  3.5-inch inhaler has a silver brushed aluminum outer case, with removable 5 ml glass vial inside that can be filled with a wick and your favorite essential oil or blend. Inner vial is removable for easy cleaning. Each inhaler comes with 3  2-inch natural cotton wicks and instructions for use. Additional cotton wicks and essential oils are sold separately.

To use, insert one cotton wick into glass vial and add 10 - 15 drops of your chosen essential oil or blend. Screw vial cap on securely and insert into bottom portion of the outer case. Place inhaler 2-3 inches from nose and inhale deeply of the aroma.  Use as often as needed. Replace cap when not in use to conserve the essential oil.

This attractive, versatile inhaler, along with a bottle of essential oil makes a perfect gift!

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