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Postpartum Aromatherapy Collection

Handcrafted with premium essential oils, plant extracts and all plant based Certified Organic ingredients.  Vegan formulations.  Great gift ideas for a new mom!

Most women experience some degree of postpartum depression due to the rapid hormonal shift after the birth of a child.  Mild depression is considered normal, and will usually resolve within a few weeks or months.  Although bonding with your new child can help balance your mood, your new or expanded role as mother, as well as other circumstances can also bring unanticipated anxiety, stress and sadness.  Finding simple ways to nurture yourself during this time can help relieve some of that stress, and support building healthy, balanced relationships with your whole family. 

The therapeutic essential oils and extracts in Joyful Mama Postpartum Aromatherapy goods promote hormonal balance, help reduce stress and improve mood after childbirth.  For severe or prolonged depression, seek the care of a qualified healthcare professional.

Safety: TIMELESS Joyful Mama Postpartum Aromatherapy goods are for Postpartum use only.  Avoid during pregnancy.  Not for use on children.

TIMELESS Joyful Mama Postpartum essential oil blend is a premium blend of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and plant extracts.  Add 5 to 10 drops of this blend per ounce of mother's favorite carrier oil, natural lotion or cream, and apply as needed. 

TIMELESS Joyful Mama Postpartum Aromatherapy Roll-on may be applied as needed to mother's wrists, nape of the neck, solar plexus (chest) and/or soles of the feet.  Handcrafted with pure organically grown, cold pressed Jojoba Oil* (Simmondsia chinensis), TIMELESS Joyful Mama therapeutic essential oil blend and Vitamin E. 

Shake TIMELESS Joyful Mama Postpartum Aromatherapy Body Spray well before using.  Spray onto arms, chest, legs and hands as desired.  Avoid getting product in the eyes.  Facial application may be done by spraying into the hands and patting onto the face.  Do not apply to baby.  Handcrafted with organically grown, alcohol-free Witch Hazel Distillate* (Hamamelis virginiana), Aloe Vera Juice* (Aloe barbadensis), Vegetable Glycerin*, Distilled Water and TIMELESS Joyful Mama therapeutic essential oil blend.

TIMELESS Joyful Mama Postpartum Emollient Body Lotion provides premium plant-based nutrients for smooth, glowing skin, while promoting healthy hormone balance after childbirth.  Avoid use on the nipples if you are breastfeeding.  (Instead, use our Hey, Mama! Nipple Balm .)  Contains :     _____

*Certified Organic

Storage : As with all aromatherapy goods, replace caps tightly and store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.