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Arabian Wood Attar

Arabian Wood Attar


TIMELESS Arabian Wood Attar -- Elegant natural perfume oil, alcohol free, 100% plant sourced

Arabian Wood Attar has a subtle, but deep woody aroma.  It is a deeply grounding fragrance which is a favorite for men.  Adds a soft base note to natural perfumes.  Crafted in India using traditional artisanal methods and sustainable ingredients.

Attars (sometimes spelled Ittars) are all natural, plant based fragrances similar to essential oils. The fragrances are intense, so a little goes a long way. They may be used to scent natural lotion or body oil, or for making incense or natural perfumes.

TIMELESS is a cruelty free company.  No animal products are used.  No animal testing has been or ever will be done.

TIMELESS Essential Oils is a woman-owned small business in Minnesota.

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