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Recycled Glass Reed Diffuser (Diamond)

Recycled Glass Reed Diffuser (Diamond)


A simple, classic way to enjoy a subtle fragrant environment at home or work. The sporty Diamond diffuser is available in three inviting colors: deep red, soft purple and ocean blue.  6.8 ounce capacity and select natural reeds provide long lasting fragrance.  European handcrafted glass diffuser bottle comes with ten 12 inch reeds and natural cork stopper for short term storage. 

Use TIMELESS alcohol free, dipropylene glycol (DPG) free Premium Reed Diffuser Base with your favorite essential oils.  Directions:  Fill diffuser bottle no more than 3/4 full.  Place bottle on a flat surface where there is not risk of it tipping over.  Cut reeds to desired length and place in bottle.  After 24 hours, turn reeds over to increase saturation with oil and improve diffusion of fragrance.

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