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Breezy Car Diffuser


Breezy Car Diffuser is easy to use, and lets you bring your favorite aromatherapy on the road ! This compact travel unit clips on to the car vent and passively diffuses essential oils with the air flow.  5 ml essential oil supply bottle allows up to 3 months of use without refilling. 

Includes Breezy Car Diffuser, one 5 ml amber supply bottle, one orifice reducer cap, 5 standard cotton diffuser wicks.  Premium natural cotton replacement wicks are available for purchase. 

Dimensions :  3.34 inches high x 1.75 inches wide 

Five easy steps :  1) Add your selected essential oil or blend to the 5 ml supply bottle.  A minimum of 10 drops is needed, or you may fill the bottle for long term use. Only use pure essential oils.  2) Snap the orifice reducer cap to the top of the bottle and insert one wick into the cap until it touches the bottom of the bottle. 3) Screw the bottle onto the back of the Breezy unit. 4) Clip the Breezy unit on to the car vent and make sure the vent is turned on. 5) Adjust the output by sliding the control bar on the top of the Breezy unit.

Essential oils sold separately.

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