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       Thank you for visiting the TIMELESS website.  Updating the website has been a bigger challenge than we expected.  We are getting close to getting the new site live.  Thanks to all for your patience and encouragement.  If you have signed up for our newsletter, we will notify you when it is ready.

       TIMELESS is a small, privately run business created to provide high quality essential oils and aromatherapy products at affordable prices. We purchase oils from manufacturers around the world, seeking out the best quality therapeutic grade products.   We are proud of our growing line of  high quality,  100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols,  books, aromatherapy supplies and diffusers,  premium handcrafted organic soaps, and Paraben free skin care products.  We hand pour all our oils for you, to assure the finest quality.

       The staff at TIMELESS is committed to playing an active role in creating a safe, just and sustainable world.  In addition to purchasing as many fair trade, organic  and sustainably sourced products as we can, ten percent of all profits is sent to organizations which work toward these ends.  Thanks to all who have made purchases last year, which supported these fiscally responsible and effective non-profit organizations:

CARE    www.care.org

FINCA   www.finca.org

African Community Heath Initiative (ACHI)   www.africancommunityhealthinitiative.org

Heifer, International    www.heifer.org  

Land Stewardship Project   www.landstewardshipproject.org 

Doctors Without Borders   www.doctorswithoutborders.org 

 Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA)   www.mnovarian.org ,

Our local food shelf & community service organization, Neighbors, Inc   www.neighborsmn.org    

In  January 2015 we supported Doctors Without Borders,  www.doctorswithoutborders.org   to support their fight against Ebola .  We personally know families who have been affected by the Ebola outbreak  in Liberia, and our hearts go out to them in their grief.

Our February 2015 contribution will be sent to FINCA,  www.finca.org  , a global microfinance institution serving low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Your purchase of our quality essential oils and skin care products makes a difference.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”                     Anne Frank


        At TIMELESS, we are striving to minimize our carbon footprint.  In selecting our products, our criteria include socially responsible, fair trade, and sustainable sources, and we are expanding our offerings of certified organic products.  In shipping, we reuse boxes and packing materials as much as possible, and the packaging we purchase has 100% recycled content or is compostable.  We reuse and recycle, and ask that you do, too.

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       Bulk and wholesale inquiries may be directed to Ramona — ramona@timelessessentialoils.com



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Buy  TIMELESS  100% Pure, Authentic, Therapeutic grade Essential Oils, Absolutes, Hydrosols, aromatherapy supplies and diffusers, handcrafted organic soaps and all natural, paraben free skin care products online at the best prices.  Save money without compromising quality.  

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TIMELESS Essential Oils, LLC  is a Minnesota Small Business.